Mechanical Testing

Typical mechanical properties of the Graphonyx™ composites are shown below. A compression test setup and the compression stress-strain curve are shown.

Graphonyx™/epoxy 3.4 wt % nanocomposite testing.

The mechanical properties of the polymer improve a small amount by addition of 3.4 wt % of Graphonyx™ as shown in Table 1. Dispersion of up to 10 wt % of Graphonyx™ in epoxy has been done. Impact of wt. reduction not determined at this time. Studies of the mechanical properties of this material are continuing.

Table 1. Mechanical properties of 3.4 wt % Graphonyx™/epoxy cylindrical sample.
Graphonyx™ Elastic Modulus (GPa) Improvement % Strength (MPa) Improvement %
0 2.9 - 106 -
3.4 3.3 13 113 6