Mechanical Testing

Typical mechanical properties of the Graphonyx composites are shown below. A compression test setup and the compression stress-strain curve are shown.  
Graphonyx/epoxy 3.4 wt % nanocomposite testing.
The mechanical properties of the polymer improve a small amount by addition of 3.4 wt % of Graphonyx as shown in Table 1. Dispersion of up to 10 wt % of Graphonyx in epoxy has been done. Impact of wt. reduction not determined at this time. Studies of the mechanical properties of this material are continuing.
Table 1. Mechanical properties of 3.4 wt % Graphonyx/epoxy cylindrical sample.
Graphonyx Elastic Modulus (GPa) Improvement % Strength (MPa) Improvement %
0 2.9 - 106 -
3.4 3.3 13 113 6