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Graphonyx™ Absorption of Microwave Photon Energy


Upon irradiation in a 2.45 GHz microwave field, the Graphonyx™ material showed the ability to emit visible, infrared, and ultraviolet radiation. The Graphonyx™ material appears to act as a photon energy converter in response to incident electromagnetic radiation in the microwave spectrum.

This unique electromagnetic radiation absorption capability creates an extremely high thermal energy that is then transferred/conducted through the Graphonyx material without the material retaining any of the energy that is created. 

Cancer Research with Graphonyx™ Material


In 2008 GNO contracted with a medical research specialist to conduct experiments on energy targeting of tumor cells by injecting short cycle microwave energy into the Graphonyx™ material that had been mixed with  a carrier fluid. The primary goal was to evaluate the thermal damage to the cancer cells after utilizing the  Graphonyx™ material as a primary or adjunctive therapy.

Hydrophobic Qualities of the Graphonyx™ Material


The unique characteristics of hydrophobicity bearing for GNO’s Graphonyx™ materials (contact angle >168 degrees) would evidence its potential applications for super/ultra -hydrophobic coatings such as aircraft deicing, paints, polymers, anti-dust window coatings.