Bone Tissue

Graphonyx™ CNOs utilized as Scaffolding Material for Bone Tissue Engineering

We entered into a research and development agreement with a University Medical Research Lab to determine if Graphonyx’s CNO material could be utilized as suitable scaffolding material for bone tissue engineering.

Brief Summary from Medical Research Lab: 
“Collagen, the most commonly used extra-cellular matrix protein for tissue engineering applications, displays poor mechanical properties. Here, we report on the preparation and characterization of novel multi-component composite systems that incorporate a genetically engineered, biocompatible polymer (elastin-like polypeptide, ELP), biodegradable ceramic (45S5 bioglass), Graphitic Nano Onions (CNOs), and minimal amount (~25% w/w) of collagen. We hypothesized that incorporation of bioglass and CNOs would improve mechanical properties of the composites. Our results showed that the tensile strength and elastic modulus nearly doubled after addition of the bioglass and CNOs compared to the control ELP-collagen hydrogels. Further, MC3T3-E1 pre-osteoblasts were cultured within the composite hydrogels and a thorough biochemical and morphological characterization was performed. Live/dead assay confirmed high cell viability (>95%) for all hydrogels by day 21 of culture. Thus, the multi-component composite hydrogels displayed improved mechanical and cell culture properties and may be suitable scaffold materials for bone tissue engineering.

We demonstrated that incorporation of bioglass and Graphonyx enhanced the mechanical properties (tensile strength and elastic modulus) by  2-3 fold compared to the control ELP-collagen composite.”