X-Ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy (XPS)



Sample Percent C Percent O C/O BE C (1s) FWHMC (eV) Valence
Graphonyx™ 99.9% 0.1% ~1,000 284.34 0.84 Graphitic
Graphene 98.4% 0.5% ~200 284.33 0.84 Graphitic

The C (1s) and valence band spectral overlay of the Graphonyx™ material, as compared to Graphene. They are nearly identical in terms of both peak energy and shape, suggesting a layer to layer highly graphitic nanostructure. Therefore, the Graphonyx™ material would theoretically share the same characteristics with Graphene due to the existence of the domains of π electrons in the system, but without having the jagged edges, (as distinguished from graphene), in terms of the morphology.