Electro Magnetic Field Testing

Graphonyx™ Absorption of Microwave Emitting Plasma Phenomenon

Upon irradiation from a 915 MHz to 2.45 GHz microwave field the Graphonyx™ material has shown the ability to emit visible, infrared, and ultraviolent radiation. It has further shown to have unique electromagnetic radiation absorption properties. It is still uncertain as to what causes this phenomenon, however we know that it is not related to metallic impurities as this material is created without a catalyst and is more than 99.9% pure carbon.

The Graphonyx™ material appears to act as a photon energy converter in response to incident electromagnetic radiation in the microwave spectrum. The extremely high energy that is created is then transferred/conducted through the Graphonyx™ material and into its immediate surroundings. The Graphonyx™ material retains none of the energy that is created from this reaction. This process has worked well in the curing of composites, human cell tissue ablation, as well as cell tissue reconstruction/engineering. Treatment in a thermal/oven type environment has also demonstrated that Graphonyx™ has very high thermal insulation properties