Composite testing

Spin Melt Testing by EMPA of Switzerland

Graphonyx mixed in Composites

Graphonyx Nano-Onion Material Membrane

Material that was spun into threads then woven into cloth.

EADS Testing – 2007-2009

Characterization of Graphonyx Material in epoxy resins Influence on interlaminar fracture toughness energy
  • Other geometry
    • ( nano onion) – possible
    • mechanical interlocking
  • Same processing of nano-modified epoxy films, same results
    • Positive influence on the G1c value
    • Influence on the diffusion of the films in RTM6 through C-fibre plies to be determined

* EADS CNT Workshop Toulouse

Diffusion of Graphonyx in 30% cured epoxy film

* EADS CNT Workshop Toulouse,

Diffusion of Graphonyx in 30% cured epoxy film

Diffusion of Particles through part of fiber ply. Adjusted by curing degree of epoxy film. ( See Epoxy Resin Research page for detailed report)
* EADS CNT Workshop Toulouse,