CHN Analysis

Graphonyx™ Hydrogen Free Characteristics

Results from %CHN analyzer indicates that Graphonyx™ materials have little if any hydrogen content. The trace amount of nitrogen as well as the 3-4% of oxygen, is not covalently bonded, and comes from exposure to the environment during collection process. Graphonyx™ is produced without the use of a catalyst.

Hydrogen content analysis using MRI

Hydrogen content evaluation with the 1.5 Tesla MRI scanner demonstrated no significant signal from the container of carbon nano onions material setting atop a saline bag. The white signal was from the salt saline bag. No signal from the nano carbon onions on the hydrogen setting was detected after multiple transmitted radiofrequency pulses were utilized. T1 and T2 spin echo and proton sequences resulted in no hydrogen signal, suggesting no latent hydrogen in your carbon.
Testing Done By -  M Santis DO, Board Certified Radiologist