Graphonyx™ History

Graphitic Nano Onions LLC (GNO), is a privately held company, that has, and continues to do extensive research and manufacturing development  on a proprietary process that can create volume quantities of a new form of highly  graphitic spherical  structured  carbon  nano material (99.99%) called Graphonyx™.

This is the culmination of many years of extensive research involving fifteen universities, 2 Federal and 5 commercial nano research labs. GNO has access to 22 carbon material patents through the Patent and Trademark Office of the United States, with 2 more pending, and with 1 patent applications still pending before the World Intellectual Property Organization.

The Graphonyx™  material consists of catalyst free spherical and polyhedral carbon nano onions (diameter of between 20-60nm) with a purity level of >99.9%, and representing another new allotropic nanophase of carbon fullerenes. Structurally, this onion-like nano material is composed of concentric graphitic layers with an increasing radius and an interlayer distance of around 0.34 nm. A number of these onions are catenated together to form the final structures.

Chemical Equation of the Material

"Presented above is an unsubstituted carbon aromatic ring (a) and its self-assembly aggregation (b) with dangling bond electrons extending outside with no opportunity of bonding more carbons due to further building blocks being unavailable. With our proprietary process, dangling bond electrons were created on the multilayered surfaces of the Graphonyx™; material, resulting in a suspected antioxidant capability in deactivating cancer cells as well as other toxins in the human body".

Graphonyx™ Material Production