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For a number of years, CNO has been actively engaged in research and development with a number of Universities and private sector nano research facilities.  Characterization and functionalization/product application work already achieved has been quite successful, however, it is recognized that there remain hundreds of pathways to properly explore and develop potential applications for Carbon Nano Onion Fullerenes. 

Research and development, over the years, has resulted in an ability to tailor  Graphonyx™  to match application needs.  GNO has the ability to produce commercial volume quantities to support immediate end product market entry.

Because of successful research, and realizing the vast potential of  Graphonyx™ material, CNO’s goal is to create strategic partnerships and working relationships with corporate, academic, medical and pharmaceutical entities. Our desire is to foster strategic cooperative relationship's where applications are developed by mutual support teams.  Working together can result in development of advanced applications to the mutual benefit of all parties involved.

It is our desire to provide sufficient quantities of material to approved academic and corporate nano research entities to facilitate additional research and product development. 

Our Research Discount is currently being offered to academic and nano research entities at $195/gram.

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